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The Tulsa World Reviews “Hamlet”

“… it succeeds so well at aiming a few new shafts of light into the much-examined dark corners of this drama.”

The Tulsa World’s James Watts has posted his review of “Hamlet.”


Behind Hamlet: Part Four

Tulsa World Preview: ‘Hamlet’ comes to life with adult, youth casts at Tulsa PAC

The Tulsa World’s preview article on “Hamlet” was published in today’s Weekend supplement. Check it out:

‘Hamlet’ comes to life with adult, youth casts at Tulsa PAC


The Long Journey to “Hamlet” Opening

Well, here we go! “Hamlet” opens tomorrow night and it has been a trip! All I can say is that we could probably write a book about this journey. This production was born of an idea between two friends “talking theatre shop” and drinking coffee a year ago in my living room.

We had a dream to reach a broad range of people with a  classic play AND to give the play two casts — one with adults, one with youth. An opportunity for growth, mentorship and enrichment for Tulsa actors. That was the BIG idea.

What we didn’t know at the time was that this plan would also include collaboration between two theatre companies AND that the final chosen piece of work would be “HAMLET!”

Brave. Ambitious. Progressive. Risky. Hopeful. Passionate. Crazy.  All of the above. Yes?

“Hamlet” appears on KTUL’s “Good Day Tulsa”

“Hamlet” director Whitson Hanna and lead actor David Lawrence appeared on KTUL’s morning show Tuesday to talk about this exciting production.

“Hamlet” opens this weekend! Buy tickets now.

400 Years Later, It’s Still Breaking New Ground

The lead actors for the adult (left) and youth (right) cast of “Hamlet”

When it premiered more than 4 centuries ago, Shakespeare’s groundbreaking tale of revenge, madness, murder and redemption cemented itself as the most popular of his lifetime. And it has stood the test of time, considered by many today as The Bard’s Best.

It is a story so epic that it will take two casts, and two companies, to bring it to life.

Odeum Theatre Company, in collaboration with Theatre Tulsa, is proud to present “Hamlet.” This is the first team up of Tulsa’s most cutting edge theatre company with its most enduring.

Equally exciting is that it will be performed by two casts – one adult, one youth. It is an undertaking unlike any ever done in the history of Tulsa community theatre.

And what better play than “Hamlet” for this remarkable, innovative endeavor to occur? That is the question.

See Shakespeare’s masterpiece, like you’ve never seen it before.

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