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‘Les Miserables’ Movie Can’t Beat Live Theatre

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman in “Les Misérables” (Photo: Universal)

So, I’ve been pondering the worth of my comments on the movie Les Miserables. I’m not sure they are that interesting or worthy of print, and what on earth does that have to do with Theatre Tulsa? Well, they do… and, I have to get them off my chest, so here goes: (SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVEN”T SEEN THE MOVIE YET, DO NOT READ THIS!)

Theatre Tulsa Talks “Tuesdays With Morrie” on Good Day Tulsa

Theatre Tulsa’s president Sara Phoenix appeared on KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa this week to discuss the opening of “Tuesdays With Morrie.” Check out the interview below.

Tulsa World Reviews ‘Morrie’

The Tulsa World’s review is now online, and it’s extremely positive:

“Actors Tom Berenson and Freddie Tate give this story of a callow younger man and his terminally ill mentor a quietly captivating depth and resonance.”

Many thanks to the James Watts and the Tulsa World for their coverage of local arts.

“Tuesdays With Morrie” runs ONE weekend only, and there are only three performances left. Buy your tickets now!

Just Three Chances Left to See ‘Tuesdays With Morrie’

Our latest production, “Tuesdays With Morrie” had a wonderful opening night. There are now just three shows left this weekend, so reserve your tickets today. Buy Tickets

Tonight: Opening Night of ‘Tuesdays With Morrie’

Tonight is the opening night for our next production, “Tuesdays With Morrie,” starring Tom Berenson and Freddie Tate!

This is a wonderfully inspirational show to start the new year. And we have plenty of great things happening around this show:

  • Who’s Your Morrie: Share your story of your personal ‘Morrie’ — someone who has inspired your life. Each entry will generate a $5 donation to MDA.
  • Opening Night After Party: Come to the opening tonight, and join the cast afterwards for a private party at the Daily Grill. If you’re attending tonight, you don’t want to miss this extra treat.
  • Reserve Your Tickets: This show runs for ONE weekend only, Jan. 10-13. Tickets are still on sale, so reserve yours today!

Have You Been to Tulsa’s Greenroom Site?

This is a quick plug for one of our favorite local theatre sites (along with this one). is the online community for all of us in Tulsa who love theatre.

You can see upcoming show schedules, auditions, workshops, volunteer opportunities and more. And if you are part of a theatre, it’s a great place to post information about your shows.

Whether you are an actor, designer or audience member, Greenroom OK is our local hub for things theatre-related.