Oklahoma!, August 2016

Since 1922, Theatre Tulsa has existed to Strengthen our community through the power of theatre. A bold mission, but one that would simply not be possible without the generous support of our donors, sponsors and patrons. Give now.

Thank you for giving to Tulsa’s finest local theatre.


Theatre Tulsa is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization funded by the generosity of our patrons, donors and sponsors.

Theatre Tulsa is sponsored by:





Sponsoring Organizations

American Association of Community Theatre
Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa
Frank and Diane Murphy Family Foundation
Gelvin Foundation
George Kaiser Family Foundation
G.L. Brennan Foundation
Heckenkemper Family Foundation
Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation
Kevin and Annette Murray Family Foundation
Maxine and Jack Zarrow Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Oklahoma Arts Council
Oklahoma Community Theatre Association
Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust
Wegener Foundation
Williams Companies

Producer Giving Level

Brooks Bingman
Jana Bingman
Evelyn and Al Colby
Wendy and Gentner Drummond
Randy Heckenkemper
Mary Kurtz
Rick Moderow
Jay and Sara Phoenix
James and Kay Phoenix
Kendra Scott
David Sharp
John and Maggie Szafranski
John and Debbie Robson
Barbara Turner 

Lead Role Giving Level

Dennis and Suzie Bunday
Suzie Bynum
Susan and G.T. Bynum
Meredith and David Hillaird
John Orsulak and Patrick Hobbs
Robert J. LaFortune
John and Jennifer LaFortune
Steven Landgarten
James T. and Kathleen Phoenix
Kendra Scott, LLC
Susan Smauder
Teresa and Brian Nowlin
Kathlyn C. Smith 

Supporting Actor Giving Level

Barbara Allen
Darrin, Amy, and Reese Buchert
Hunter Howe Cates
Melissa Childs
Matthew Griffin
Ken and Stephanie Harwood
Barbara Hasbini
Phillip Hill
Annie Kirchner
Robert LaFortune, Jr.
Gay Miller
Richard Moderow
James Monroe
Dona Morris
Maurine Perry
Mike Pryor
Cathryn Render
Alton Schultz
Donny Smith
J.P. and Maggie Szafranski
Andrew Templeton
Diane and David White

Cameo Giving Level

Tom Berenson
Phillip Berrey
Sara Brobston
Trace Burchart
Jeffery Bush
Christi Carnahan
Martha Cherbini
Laura Dossett
Raymond Feldman
Ashley Fuller
Brock Goleman
Bonnie Hackler
Charlene Hanlon
William Ivy
Lisa Kelly
Eileen Kenney
Jarrod and Leaha Kopp
Michael Krimbill
Michael Kurtz
Nancy Lassiter
Jan Lovelace
Susan M. Lugar
Amy Main
Kathleen and Thomas Metzler
Margaret Monsour
Barbara Murn
Sebastian Paden
Kay Phoenix
Dan and Barbara Pollard
David and Janet Riggs
Richard and Amy Rule
Shona Scott
Ruth Seefeldt
Mary Sheenan
Bob Soucek
Vern Stefanic
Georgia Snoke
Louis Wagner
Larry and Linda Vorba
Jacquelyn Zehren
Bryne C. Zuege


Mary Adams
Michael and Sally Barnes
Robert Baxter
Phillip Berrey
Amy Best
Brian Brouse
Kristi Burris
Kristi Burns
Clarence K. Cagle
Tami Clark
Sheryl Cox
Dan and Judy Cunningham
Jerry Davis
Karen Delmer
Laurie Dwyer
Curtis Evans, Sr.
Robert and Pamela Farris
Trina Fowler
F.D. Fulkerson
Mindy Galoob
Christine Gruszecki
Diana Henderson
David and Babara Jenkins
Michelle Kelly Lindroth
Megan Linn
Jacqueline Moss
Lisa Mogelnicki
Jenni Monaghan
Jackie Peters
Deborah Pinkerton
Chad and Shelley Phillips
Donna Prigmore
Laura Reeder
Thelma Riggs
David Rubio
Laura Skoch
Colleen Stiles
Tim Swanson
Krista White
Conor Yob
Virginia Young