Earnest_bannerTheatre Tulsa is ecstatic to present the funniest, most timeless play from one of the greatest wits of all, Oscar Wilde.

But this will be way more than just a great show, (though trust us, it will most certainly be that). We’ve also got a tons of events surrounding Earnest that can only  be described as, well, Important.

Ok, here we go…

First things first, auditions for The Importance of Being Earnest will be held Thursday, October 3, at Theatre Tulsa’s offices at 412 N. Boston. Rehearsals begin with a read-through on October 7, and will run weeknights and some Saturdays. The show runs November 8 – November 17. Be sure to watch our Auditions page for updates as they become available.

Next up (and this is super-exciting), Earnest will be directed by Clayton B. Hodges, a Okie-born, NYU-trained professional actor and instructor living in San Francisco, with experience in Los Angeles, New York and even London. Clayton’s got a untraditional take on the material , so if you’re an actor looking to take on some great material, this an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned.
But Theatre Tulsa will be partnering with Clayton for a lot more than just “Earnest”. For one, we’ll be presenting two performances of Clayton’s “script-in-hand presentation” The Critic As Artist. Clayton’s adaptation of Wilde’s famous essay recently premiered at the San Francisco Museum of Art, meaning we’ll be one of first audiences to see it. Pretty cool, huh? These performances will include talk-backs with the audience after the show.
Clayton will also be teaching three workshops for Tulsa actors of all ages, covering acting and audition techniques, during the last weekend of October.
Finally, as part of our Page-To-Stage program, Theatre Tulsa will be presenting three matinee performances of Earnest to Tulsa-area students.
Phew…so as you can tell, we’re going a lot going on with this show. You could probably even say we’ll have a Wilde time this fall! OK, OK… forgive the pun, we couldn’t help ourselves.
But here’s the thing, with everything we’ve got planned, the most important part of Being Earnest is, well…you. So whether you’re an actor, supporter or you simply an audience member who loves to laugh (and who doesn’t?) stay tuned for updates!