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Director’s Blog: “We Dreamed A Dream. Tulsa Made It A Reality!”

"You Will Hear The People Sing!" was more than a tagline - it was our rallying cry.

“You Will Hear The People Sing!” become the mantra of our cast and crew.


“Remember the truth that once was spoken: To love another person is to see the face of God.” – Victor Hugo


“You Will Hear The People Sing!”  More than a tagline, this was our promise to the city of Tulsa as we set out to produce the musical masterpiece, Les Misérables!

Another Season Down! Ready for More??

After another great season, Theatre Tulsa is starting up the next one with basically no time off in between (we start rehearsals for Les Miserables tonight.) But before we do, I can’t help but settle into a long moment of happiness and satisfaction.

This past weekend, we closed Theatre Tulsa’s 91st season, just as we opened it on September 20th, 2013, with a sold-out house of 420 theatre fans of all ages cheering on one of the longest-lasting civic theatres in the nation. From Legally Blonde to The Sound of Music and every project in between, we made it!

A Fitting End to a Fabulous Season

This past weekend we closed out 91st season, and we’re not slowing down (Les Miserables rehearsals begin this week). We built a big, ambitious season and we’re grateful to all of you who supported us as audiences, performers and volunteers.

We’re especially glad to look back at the first and last performances we had this season and see the unwavering support that Tulsa has shown us. Here’s a couple of pics of the first show of our season (Legally Blonde: The Musical) followed by the last one (The Sound of Music), where we were thrilled to entertain sold-out crowds at the Williams theatre:

Opening night of “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” September 2013


Closing performance of “The Sound of Music,” May 2014

Thank you, Tulsa audiences. Keep staying with us as we get bigger and better!

President’s Blog: “We Know In Our Bones That Theatre Makes Tulsa Better.”

No doubt that you’ve seen that theatre is in the local news – with budget cuts looming to the Tulsa PAC and Henthorne Performing Arts Center.

This issue raises an important questions we should all be asking ourselves right now…

Why do we support theatre?

“The message and heart of 13 will inspire young people in their everyday lives”!

13Theatre Tulsa is bringing Broadway Bootcamp back this summer – and we’ve made it better than ever!

Broadway Bootcamp gives young people the opportunity to learn about musical theatre in a fun, supportive environment – surrounded by friends and taught by a team of Tulsa’s most experienced, enthusiastic theatre directors and teachers.

Giving Thanks for All Your Talent and Support

Happy Thanksgiving week to all you theatre lovers! I haven’t posted in a long time and I’ve wanted to! But, ma-an! It’s been nuts at Theatre Tulsa — in a good way! We’ve been a little busy, to say the least.

Everyone on Facebook is giving thanks for the things in their life that make it special and I want to do the same here…