Meet Sonia – “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike!”

Meet Sonia. It takes a surprise visit from her movie-star sister Masha for her own grandiosity to burst free!

Meet Sonia. It takes a surprise visit from her movie-star sister Masha for her own grandiosity to burst free!

Meet Sonia.

She never grew up. While her sister Masha went to Hollywood and is now traveling the world as a rich-and-famous movie star, Sonia has never left her childhood home in Bucks County, P.A.

Meet Vanya – “Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike”!

Meet Vanya. What he lacks in a wardrobe, he more than makes up for in a martini-dry wit. Played by Mike Pryor from "Les Mis"!

What he lacks in a wardrobe, Vanya makes up for in a wry worldview. Played by Mike Pryor from “Les Mis”!

Meet Vanya.

Melancholy. Middle-aged. And cornered in the confines of his childhood home in the less than metropolitan Buck County, PA. There he spends his days debating how many trees constitute an orchard with step-sister Sonia. Oh, and he has a clairvoyant maid name Cassandra.

But his woebegone world is turned upside down with an unexpected visit from his egomaniacal, movie star step-sister Masha, and her gorgeous, boy-toy Spike. Chaos reigns, creating more comical chaos than you’ll see anywhere else on a Tulsa stage!

Crazy Is Relative – “Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike!” is Our Next Blockbuster Show!

TT2014_Spike_Slideshow_930x300So how do you follow Les Misérables, one of the biggest hits in local theatre history?

Well if you’re us, you present a masterpiece of an entirely…different sort.

Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike is the magnum opus of perhaps theatre’s freshest and funniest writer, Christopher Durang. After a career spent making audiences laugh, think and wonder “Is this guy bonkers?”, Durang wrote a play so zany, so side-splitting, so original, voters had no choice but to award him the 2013 Tony for “Best Play”.

It’s easy to see why, for this is Durang’s bawdiest, most brilliant work.

Director’s Blog: “We Dreamed A Dream. Tulsa Made It A Reality!”

"You Will Hear The People Sing!" was more than a tagline - it was our rallying cry.

“You Will Hear The People Sing!” become the mantra of our cast and crew.


“Remember the truth that once was spoken: To love another person is to see the face of God.” – Victor Hugo


“You Will Hear The People Sing!”  More than a tagline, this was our promise to the city of Tulsa as we set out to produce the musical masterpiece, Les Misérables!

“Chicago” Auditions Are Approaching!

The first round of auditions for our next smash hit musical are just around the corner – Saturday, October 4th at 10 AM!

TT2014_Chi_Posts_300x140_REVChicago will be Directed by Erin Scarberry, with Musical Direction by Jeremy Stevens, and Choreography by Kelsi Neill.

All roles are available! Check out the details here.

More information to come. Don’t miss out on any important details. Sign up for our audition newsletter now.


LAST CHANCE: Don’t Miss The Musical Event of the Year!

PeopleThis weekend is your last chance to see the musical the Tulsa World hails as a “Triumph!”

Time is running out. There are only 4 performances left, and tickets are almost 75% gone.

More than 7,000 have witnessed the epic.  Be one of them.

Save your spot to Les Misérables