‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ Auditions

About the Show:

The show that’s taken New York and London by storm is coming to a Tulsa local theatre stage for the first time! After a neighbor’s dog is found dead, an autistic teenager seeks to investigate – but discovers more than he could have imagined!

Play by Simon Stephens / Novel by Mark Haddon

About the Production:

Director: David Blakely

Rehearsals begin March 18

Tech Week: May 14-17

Performances: May 18-26 (7 Performances)

About the Audition:

LOCATION: Woody Guthrie Center, 102 E Mathew B. Brady St.
DATE: Feb. 9
TIMES: 11 am – 3 pm

Auditions will consist of a prepared monologue (under 1 minute), and cold readings friom the script. Callbacks will be announced after initial auditions.



Roles Available:

Christopher Boone:
Actor must be able to play 15. Incredibly intelligent but shy and mistrusting of strangers, Christopher feels things deeply but doesn’t know how to express or articulate them; he has a brilliant mind, can be fixated on certain topics, and thinks in a highly logical way, which makes him excel in math and science, but because he perceives language literally, he does not understand sarcasm or metaphors; he notices things in minute detail yet has difficulty understanding social and emotional cues and difficulty empathizing with others; this lack of understanding often makes the world seem frustrating and frightening to him, and he can become agitated and even violent when he has to deal with too many overwhelming external stimuli; from a diagnostic point of view, he is probably on the autism spectrum and exhibits some behavior that might be characterized as having Asperger Syndrome, though what is most important is that he is different. Actor must be physically very fit and agile; English accent.

Age 30-40. Christopher’s teacher and mentor, the only person in Christopher’s life with an understanding of his situation; she strives to teach Christopher how society works and how to behave within its guidelines; constantly negotiating around Christopher’s anger, she is professional, warm, caring, calm, gentle, and self-possessed and also sensitive to his strained relationship with his father; she often serves as the narrator of Christopher’s story and of his feelings; English or Irish or Welsh accent.

Ed Boone:
Age 35-50. Christopher’s father; estranged from his wife, Judy, and struggling as a single parent trying to raise his son the best he can; a working-class man; proud, gruff, and brusque, he is unable to convey his emotions and feelings but loves his son deeply; he is a good man but there is a lot on Ed’s shoulders when he first enters the play in pain and near breaking point, though he does not openly express it; he has trouble communicating with Christopher, who often frustrates him; and though he’s naturally practical and much more patient in dealing with Christopher than Judy, a difficult situation can make him lose it, sometimes violently. A plumber and heating engineer by trade, naturally good with his hands. English accent appropriate to working middle-class.

Judy Boone:
Age 35-45. Christopher’s mother; estranged from her husband, Ed, after having an affair with her neighbor Roger; she works as a secretary and is a working-class woman with a tough exterior who has no support system to raise her son and blames herself for her inability to cope with him effectively; she has had a hard life and had to fight for things, which she is ready to do, as she is feisty and doesn’t take anything lying down; loving, yet impatient, she has felt very alone in her situation with Christopher and it frustrates her to a point of absolute desperation. She wishes she knew how to truly reach and care for Christopher; independent, lonely, and proud, she doesn’t easily ask for help and has never had the proper social resources to help her. English accent appropriate to working middle-class; should be physically trim.

Mrs. Shears/Mrs. Gascoyne and Others:
Age 40-55. Looking for strong versatile actors to play multiple roles; however, must be agile and physically fit. English dialects of various classes a plus

Mr. Shears/Duty Sergeant and Others:
Age 40-55. Looking for strong versatile actors to play multiple roles; must be agile and physically fit. English dialects of various classes a plus

Mrs. Alexander and Others: Age 55-70.

Reverend Peters and Others: Age 40-60.

Policeman/Mr. Thompson and Others: Age. 25-35

No. 40/Punk Girl and Others: Age 20-35