“For me, it’s been a wonderful challenge… I think the real benefit for all of us is that we’re able to work with people who have a real passion for theatre. That makes you want to work harder, to live up to those expectations.” – Kelly Larson, Apprentice  

TW covers Costume Designer Meagan Ferguson and her Teen Apprentice Reid Patten!

Costume Designer, Meagan Ferguson, and her apprentice, Reid Patten, work on a costume design.

Our apprentice program is an applied, intensive learning experience for new and emerging artists. Youth and adult participants will have the opportunity to shadow professional, experienced artist mentors in the theatrical field of their choice in a project of their choice, at no cost to them.  Participants will also be offered concrete career building advice such as resume building, college selection, labor unions, and interview skills.

The apprenticeship program is for dedicated and hard-working individuals ages 14 and up who have a passion for theatre. We are looking for teenage students wishing to get an in-depth perspective and who plan to pursue theatre in higher education or as a career.  We are also looking to train adults who wish to develop their skills. The program is perfect for those who have always wanted to give theatre a try but haven’t had the opportunity. The future of theatre in Tulsa and beyond belongs to New Artists and this opportunity will give Tulsans the experience they need to continue a career in theatre.

2017-2018 participants may apply to be involved in our productions of Richard III, Annie, In the Heights, Ragtime, American Idiot, Amadeus, Aida, Evita, Into the Woods, The Producers, and The Lion King. Check out the season dates and descriptions here.


Stage Manager Apprentice, Aubrey Mason, works with TT actors.

Apprentices may apply for the program at any time by submitting an online application. They may select a discipline of their choosing (listed below). Applicants do not necessarily need a lot of experience in their chosen discipline, but at a minimum MUST…

  • Must be at least 14 years of age or higher
  • Be able to collaborate with fellow artists and take directions
  • Possess a hard work ethic
  • Bring a positive and willing-to-learn attitude

Please email us at education@theatretulsa.org for information regarding specific productions, or if you have any other questions or concerns.

Positions Available

Directing Apprentices will advance their understanding of creating and executing an overall artistic vision for a full-length production of a play or musical. They will attend auditions to develop an understanding all the elements that go into casting. In rehearsals, they will learn staging and choreography techniques and how to execute them. Directing Apprentices will also attend production meetings to ensure that designers and technicians are working together to create a cohesive project.

Stage Management Apprentices will learn the importance of strong communication and how it’s essential when being a stage manager. They will learn how to create a prompt book, run rehearsals, call cues for a show, and serve as a crucial member of the backstage crew by serving as an Assistant Stage Manager during the production.

Scenic Apprentices will develop step-by-step skills in theatrical design. They will learn how to create renderings and drafts to communicate the design. Once they have the design sketched out, they will learn to execute those designs by creating the needed pieces through painting and carpentry. Finally, they will assist backstage during performances to bring the project together.

Costume Design Apprentices will learn the skills need to communicate a design through sketches, rendering, and fabric swatching. Apprentices will also help sew and pull costumes for the production. They will also serve as costume running crew during the run of the show and assist with hair and makeup, quick changes, and costume maintenance.

Lighting Apprentices will assist in creating the light plots and cues, and learn about the paperwork that goes along with lighting. During load-in, they will be able to assist in hanging and focusing lights. The lighting apprentice will be responsible for helping the lighting designer do a light check before the show begins and will sit in the booth during the run of the show to observe the lighting process.

Sound Apprentices will assist in creating, finding, and recording the needed sound effects for the production. During load in they will help set up microphones, the sound system and set appropriate levels for the production. The Sound Apprentice will be responsible for helping the sound designer do a sound and mic check before the show begins and will sit in the booth during the run of the show to observe the lighting process.

Technical Director Apprentices will work in the scene shop and costume shop on various aspects of building the set including carpentry, painting, sewing and crafts. They will assist in coordinating the load-in and load-out of the PAC. During the run of the show, they will serve as crew running chief.

All of Theatre Tulsa’s New Artists will develop invaluable skills in leadership, communication, and professionalism needed to further their career as a specialized artist. Apprentices will receive guidance in resume and portfolio buildings, information on colleges and unions, and interview techniques.

“Personally, I love working with teenagers. I love the energy they bring to a set and the way they help teach us about what we do as we try to teach them. The questions we get asked by the apprentices get us to thinking about things maybe we’ve taken for granted, or get us to look at something we’re doing in new ways. It’s something everyone benefits from.”

– George Romero, Mentor


This program is made by possible by funding from the Oklahoma Arts Council and other generous donors.